Group TutoringTutorial Services

We provide tutorial services to individuals and groups. We begin these types of services by assessing each student’s academic ability, learning styles and academic goals. From these examinations, we create an individual learning plan with a focus on engagement and enlightenment.  We employ the industry standard techniques and best practices to help each student reach their aspirations.  For more information, please visit the contact us page.

We are experts in all areas. We have staff with the ability to tutor advanced level mathematics such as Calculus I, II, III, and Differential Equations.  We also have staff that has advanced education in Reading, Phonics, and English Language Arts.  

 Tutorial Program Offerings:

  • Homework Help  (K- College Level)

  • Group and Individual Tutoring (K- College Level)

  • Skype (Phone) Tutoring (K- College Level)

Test Preparation Services 

We provide test preparation services to individuals, groups and for nonprofit organizations. We employ the test preparation strategies of world renown programs like A+, Princeton and Kaplan. We often offer low cost test preparation services to help as many individuals as possible. We also offer camps for ACT during breaks and on Saturdays.

  • ACT/SAT Prep


  • Vocational Test Prep (Pipe Fitters, Electrician etc.)

Our Camps

STEM Camps (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Imagine your students being a part of fun program that taught them critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and teambuilding.  These are just some of the many benefits that our STEM Camps offer.  We allow students to work with both project based and problem based learning. This could include teaching students about renewable energy and then having them solve the problem with public lighting in Detroit.  We use proven techniques and results driven curriculums to guarantee an exciting learning experience. With the curriculum and techniques, we Lego WeDo STEMwork with students’ to create a unique program to allow them to develop the skills necessary for the jobs of 21st Century. We create a more relevant experience by also giving students the ability to explore the STEM fields by providing information,  field trips and guest speakers that currently work in the field. Our goal is to increase the number people in the STEM related fields by exposing youth and young adults to these important and rewarding fields.  For more information, please visit the contact us page.


For more information on the benefits on STEM please check out the following links:

  What is STEM?

  Why is STEM important?

  A STEM Education: A tool to change the world

  STEM: Thinkers of Tomorrow 

SAT/ACT Prep Camps 

This is a camp that takes place during spring break, winter break, a school break, or on Saturdays  in which students receive test preparation assistance. The camps include test taking skills, math and science techniques, and reading and language arts skill building. We provide students’ with the opportunity to take the practice test multiple times with short workouts and practice test to allow them to see how to best use the time on each section of the test. We use proven procedures to help students’ succeed on the test. Our staff create a study plan based on student achievement on practice test and desired score to aid student in reaching desired score.  For more information, please visit the contact us page.


Flyer for 5 week Program


 Free SAT/ACT Resources

 Number 2 Online Test Prep

 ACT Student Online Test Prep

 Kaplan SAT/ACT Test Prep on Youtube



Many of our programs are free to the community. We are currently working in Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center and Don Bosco Hall Youthville providing STEM and Academic Enrichment programming. Our goal is to help students achieve so we work to provide high quality low cost services. Please give us a call to inquire about specials and other services that we offer free of charge. For customers that would like to pay for our services we offer various payment options and opportunities to provide high quality low cost services.  For more information, please visit the contact us page.