TNT Tutoring & Educational Services Photo Gallery

Cody Rouge Civic Engagement
Students Rally for Education
Academic Enrichment 2013
Students participate in Academic Enrichment
STEM Robotics 2014 Ages 8-11
Student work to program newly built robots
STEM 2014 Ages 5-8
Students display robot
STEM 2015 Ages 5-8
Student poses with Lego sail boat.
Robotics 2015 Ages 11-18
Student builds a robot with Lego NXT
Group tutoring Grades K-12
Students participate in a group tutoring lesson
1 on 1 tutoring sessions Grades K-12
Student is being tutored.
Robotics 2015 Ages 11-18
Student pose with Lego NXT Robot
STEM 2015 Ages 5-8

Tangy Washington

TNT Educational Services was formed in 2011 by Tangy Washington, an educator, workshop facilitator, and tutor. We provide tutoring and educational services to youth, adults, and nonprofit organizations. Our tutoring services include the use of best practice teaching and tutoring techniques, differential instruction strategies and individualized education plans to ensure that all students reach their educational goals. Tutoring services are administered in person, over the phone and online. TNT‘s educational services consist of curriculum/program development and implementation as well as program evaluation. Our past and current programs include STEM programs for youth ages 6-10, academic enrichment programs for youth K-12, and ethnic and cultural programs both in the community and in faith based arenas. Thank you for the opportunity to help your students explode in achievement.